Becoming Human 机器人来了

Becoming Human 机器人来了 - EP1

Artificial Love
47 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Enlai explores if we can truly love artificial intelligence, and teach it to love us back. He meets empassioned love robots and chatbots trained on memories of people, living and dead. 蔡恩来远赴美国,去跟Harmony见面,希望能跟对方擦出爱的火花,岂料,天不作美,好几百英里外的热带风暴,切断了数据中心的电源,Harmony的人工智能大脑,也跟着失效了。蔡恩来最后能征服靠人工智能启动的爱情吗?

Becoming Human 机器人来了
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