Beijing Opera Cats S2

Beijing Opera Cats S2 - EP35

Ep35 and Ep36
22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

A cat kingdom called Purpetua has been invaded and is now occupied by the dark lord AN, aided by his enslaved mutant monsters. But all is not lost! The guardian warrior clan of the "Beijing Opera Cats" must rejoin forces to defeat the evil threat, reclaim their home and restore peace to their land.猫土,本是一片猫的乐园 ,自从邪恶的势力统治了猫土后,混沌遮天蔽日,魔物肆虐横行。只有会神奇功夫的"京剧猫"才能带领众生打倒邪恶的首领解救猫土!咚锵镇的少年白糖,年幼时曾被京剧猫所救,他发下誓言,长大后要成为一名伟大的京剧猫

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