Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 (TIF)

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 (TIF) - EP13

Finale 大结局
27 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Kloudiia and Kai Xiang bid farewell to each other for the last time while Kenneth gives Xiao Qi and Kai Xiang his blessings and proceeds to leave Moscow alone. Xiao Qi tells Kai Xiang that she no longer expects him to love her but wants just one thing for him. Xiao Qi gets Kai Xiang to close his eyes and recall their shared memories together; telling him that he should only open his eyes when he remembers her. Kloudia 和凯翔告别后。 Kenneth 也决定祝福凯翔和筱琦,一个人独自地离开。筱琦带凯翔来到了莫斯科红场,回忆起五年前,他们在这里定情的情景。筱琦知道无法再要求凯翔爱她一次,于是要求凯翔为她做一件事。她要求凯翔闭着眼,回忆过去,想起她的时候就睁开眼。凯翔努力地寻找,可是他的记忆里始终没有筱琦的身影。。。

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 (TIF)
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