Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 - EP10

27 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

After finding Mei Ling, she reveals that she met Kloudiia in church. Kloudiia had turned to the church to help cope with her grief of losing An Ran and the reason for Kloudiia’s suicide attempt triggered Kai Xiang’s memories to flood back in. While Kai Xiang was preparing for his wedding, An Ran had a terrible accident that left him fighting for his life. At a loss of what to do, Kloudiia begged Kai Xiang to return to Moscow to see his son.美玲是Kloudiia在教会认识的好友,在她初遇Kloudiia时,Kloudiia正处于崩溃的边缘。是她一直陪伴Kloudiia,帮她走出人生低谷。原来Kloudiia还活着,不过孩子已经不在了!当时Kloudiia是因为突如其来的丧子之痛才崩溃选择自杀。Kloudiia自杀丧子的真相,刺激了凯翔,也揭开了他逃婚的谜底。原来凯翔和筱琦筹备婚礼时,安然却遇上严重意外,危在旦夕。慌张失措的Kloudiia恳求凯翔到莫斯科一趟,见他们的孩子安然最后一面。

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科
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