Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 - EP12

26 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

On An Ran’s death anniversary, Kai Xiang meets up with Kloudiia. The two catch up while acknowledging the distance that now separated them as strangers. Kloudiia summons all her courage and tells Kai Xiang the true reason why she left without a farewell. The two embrace as they finally let go of all the pain and trauma. Kenneth can no longer keep up the facade, and confesses his feelings to Xiao Qi, who remains undecided between the two. 在安然忌日那天,凯翔一行人得以机会见到了Kloudiia。凯翔和Kloudiia就像熟悉又陌生的的朋友寒暄叙旧。Kloudiia鼓起勇气主动对凯翔说起当年分手,不告而别的原因,还有安然发生意外的真相,两人抱在一起,多年的心痛,在这一刻得到了解放和释然。。。另一边,筱琦对Kenneth坦白,自己早在五年前就和Kloudiia 面对面见过了,但是已对凯翔动心的筱琦却选择隐瞒实情。Kenneth也不再伪装,他对筱琦表白,这趟旅程已经走完。他希望筱琦可以跟他一起离开,筱琦陷入两难。。。

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科
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