Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 - EP2

35 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

By Toggle Video Published: 13 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Their journey takes them to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where Xiao Qi and Kai Xiang met for the first time five years ago. Still reeling from his break up with Kloudiia, Xiao Qi promises to help him win her back and thus began their adventure. Following the clues of Kai Xiang’s memory, they arrive at a vast abandoned field. On the way out of there, memories of Kloudiia start to creep into Kai Xiang’s mind. The confusion overwhelms him causing him to lose control of their car and spiral down into the river. 五年前在乌兰巴托,筱琦和凯翔曾在这里初次相遇。五年后,再次踏上这片土地的凯翔,一切似曾相识,却又陌生无比。当时,凯翔刚刚和Kloudiia分手,忧郁消沉,行动力十足的筱琦主动说要帮他一起追回女朋友。于是,两人一同从这里出发……而眼前的凯翔却对此毫无印象。在经历了前一晚的可怕幻觉之后,此时的凯翔似有隐忧,欲言又止。所幸,此刻的凯翔有筱琦和Kenneth陪伴左右。根据凯翔模糊的线索,三人来到一处荒无人烟的大草原。开车的途中,Kloudiia的身影再次进入凯翔的脑海,凯翔突然陷入混乱,将车子开进河里!

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科
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