Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科 - EP4

28 Min

By Toggle Video Published: 20 Jun 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xiao Qi searches for answers at the bottom of a bottle and finds herself in the arms of Kenneth. He remembers the day Kai Xiang left her at the altar. Ever since then, Kenneth has stayed by her side faithfully, all while struggling with feelings of unrequited love for his best friends fiancè. Upon reaching Baikal, the trio follows the clues to a café, where they find out from Kloudiia’s cousin, Jessica that Kloudiia has been missing for the past five years.筱琦因为凯翔只记得Kloudiia而耿耿于怀。喝醉的筱琦找到Kenneth诉苦,Kenneth在旁安慰她,回想起过往的一幕:当时,凯翔在与筱琦的婚礼前夕突然逃婚,之后,Kenneth一直默默地守护着筱琦。而来到这趟旅程的目的,也是希望与筱琦之间找到一个答案。来到了贝加尔湖。三人一路寻找,沿途找到一处熟悉的咖啡馆,Kloudiia的表姐Jessica就是那里的老板娘。本来怀抱期待着找寻线索的他们,却在此刻听到一个震惊的消息:Kloudiia在五年前就失踪了,至今音讯全无。。。

Beijing To Moscow 北京到莫斯科
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