Being A Nurse

Being A Nurse - EP1

22 Mins
Graphic Visuals 写实画面;

By Channel 5 Published: 12 Feb 2018 Audio: English

BEING A NURSE give us viewers first - person access into the world of nurses in Singapore : we see first - hand the skills it takes to care for patients and to support doctors for procedures major and minor. Behind the scrubs, surgical masks and hectic shift schedules, how do they meet the high - pressures stakes to be a medical professional, and yet survive the day - to - day emotional rollercoaster rides at work and at home ? What are the most satisfying aspects of their work ? Also, who are the men who are busting stereotypes to enter into this nursing profession ? This 6 - part reality observational documentary series gives us an intimate look into what exactly it does take to be a nurse.

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