Between Two Worlds 分界线

Between Two Worlds 分界线 - EP12

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

A district with a sprawling landscape of low-lying slums and garbage dumps, Tondo, Manila stands in stark contrast to the capital's business district with its modern skyscrapers. Here, the rich-poor divide is keenly felt among its residents who straddle between the two worlds of haves and have-nots.在亚细安经济增长最快的菲律宾,国内贫富差距却逐步拉大。在城市中,贫富的分界线变得更明显。对汤都贫民窟的居民而言,马尼拉的繁华与贫穷日复一日地呈现在自己面前。奢侈与浪费、成功与失败、迷惘与否就在一线之间。

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