Between Two Worlds 分界线

Between Two Worlds 分界线 - EP13

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 25 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

The biggest minority group in Europe, the Roma, are also known as "gypsies". Slovakia in central Europe has the world's highest concentration of Roma, and yet, the Roma are discriminated against and given unequal treatment in education and employment. Why are the Roma living third world lives in a first world country?欧洲最大的少数民族,罗姆人,也被称为吉普赛人。而中欧的斯洛伐克是罗姆人集中度最高的国家。在这里他们身份不受认可, 经济和教育程度普遍低落他们为什么在第一世界里,过着第三世界的生活呢?

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