Between Two Worlds 分界线

Between Two Worlds 分界线 - EP2

47 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 09 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Spanish Iberian peninsula, but has a long love - hate relationship with Spain, being ruled by Spain for about 300 years prior becoming a British overseas territory. Gibraltarians speak Spanish in their daily life but have their heart and soul rooted in Britishness, what exactly is their identity ? With the imminent Brexit, Spain - Gibraltar border is again subjected to instability. 位于西班牙最南端的直布罗陀,和西班牙有一段剪不断理还乱的爱恨情仇。直布罗陀曾被西班牙统治近300年,却是英国的海外领土之一。人们日常生活里习惯用西班牙语,却把一切附属于英国,究竟他们的身份认同是什么?面对英国即将脱离欧盟,边境再度面临更多约束,直布罗陀人在去留之间又抱着怎样的心态?

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