Between Two Worlds 分界线

Between Two Worlds 分界线 - EP3

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 16 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

There is a village floating in Cambodia's Tongle Sap Lake consist of Vietnamese decedents. They live all their life in small floating boats under poverty and distress. Although their ancestor moved to Tongle Sap during the French colony and had been here for generations, the boat people are not allowed to live on land and have no job besides fishing.柬埔寨的洞里萨湖有一个浮动的村庄。这里住着大约五百多户越南人的后裔,一辈子生活在小船上。尽管几代人都生于斯、死于斯,但是始终没有合法的居留权,不能拥有土地也无法到陆地上工作,只能一代又一代的在湖上漂流。水上人家和陆地上的柬埔寨人有一条无形的分界线。除了卖鱼的商贩,普通老百姓老死不相往来,互相敌视。柬埔寨人和越南人在历史上埋下的恩恩怨怨,造成同样靠着洞里萨湖讨生活的居民,越来越疏远。水上人家的命运永远没有梦想和希望。但是围困他们不是湖水,而是人和人之间的误解和偏见。

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