Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6

Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6 - EP23

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 10 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, we continue to cover on the topic - Dementia. How does a brain test diagnose if an elderly person is suffering from dementia ? It could be the signs of aging, and not dementia. What are the warnings of dementia and what symptoms are serious detection ? Stay tuned ! 这一集我们一起来动动脑筋!如何通过脑部测试来诊断是否患上失智症?常常煮菜时忘记关火,或是健忘,总爱重复问题,是老化的现象还是患失智症?究竟如何区别两者?失智症有哪些警讯?又有几个阶段,分别有哪些症状?末期症状有多严重?

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