Business As Usual 买卖

Business As Usual 买卖 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 05 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

With intense competition and long working hours in South Korea, ways to relieve stress have become new businesses. More people are now willing to pay for quirky ways to de-stress. This episode will explore new businesses like ASMR, "eating broadcast", oxygen capsule cafes and hiring homemakers. 韩国社会竞争大、工作时间长, 如何纾解压力正在发展成为韩国新兴行业!越来越多人愿意付钱消费各种奇特方法,换来一次情绪和压力的解放,本集将深入吃播镜头背后的生活和故事、观看者心态,以及整理师通过整理房子舒缓屋主忧郁不安情绪等交易,探讨韩国各种不同的"纾压"买卖。

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