Business As Usual 买卖

Business As Usual 买卖 - EP7

Finale 大结局
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 02 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

The exacerbating housing woes in Hong Kong have spawned innovative business models. There's a market now for housing guided tours, cremated ashes hotels, Murder House trading, niches to green funerals. The enterprising minds of the Hong Kong people have also sussed out business opportunities in the buying and selling of animal furs of pets and expired products. 从住屋导览、骨灰酒店、凶宅买卖、骨灰龛场到绿色殡葬等,均透视着香港房屋问题所衍生出的各种另类买卖活动,此外,宠物毛发、临期商品也让有创新思维的香港人看到商机,另辟新径,开创截然不同的买卖交易。

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