By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃 - EP10

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

Xing En was born with Senior Loken Syndrome but only found out at the age of 3. Since then, her vision has deteriorated from 20% vision to almost blind. She faced another obstacle when she was found with undeveloped kidney at the age of 13, she has gone into dialysis since then. Mrs Tan used to be a part-time hairdresser, but devoted her time to look after Xing En both physically and emotionally. The two of them encourage each other, and together overcome the obstacles 新恩从小就患有家族性肾视网膜营养不良,小时候的视力只有常人的20%,因此求学过程困难重重。而且雪上加霜的是她在13岁发现肾功能退化,家人之中没有适合的肾脏可以捐给她,医院换肾的名单又遥遥无期,因此她在13岁便开始了洗肾的日子。新恩经过了7-8年的洗肾,副作用和感染不断,经常进出医院,在20岁那年发生严重感染,曾有生命危险,后来2017年底成功等到换肾。新恩虽然身体有残疾,却没有因此自暴自弃,积极求学。母女两人在精神和体力上都彼此互相牵引、鼓励,才能顺利走过重重难关。

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