C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队

C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 - EP11

45 Min
Some Violence;Some Violence 些许暴力画面

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

An assassination occurs during a press conference on the collaboration between Lucas and the Prince of the Middle East and chaos ensues. The culprit manages to escape despite Man Ting’s pursuit. The Prince’s doctor, Dr Johnson, is shot and sent to the hospital. A car accident occurs en route and the wounded Dr Johnson alights from the ambulance and leaves… Lucas与中东王子合作计划发布会,突然遭枪手袭击,场面混乱。曼婷追截凶徒,但仍被对方逃出新加坡水域。王子的医生Dr Johnson受枪伤,被送去医院。救护车半路遇车祸,Dr Johnson负伤下车,自行离去……。

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