Challenge The Impossible 挑战不可能

Challenge The Impossible 挑战不可能 - EP9

95 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 29 Jul 2016 Audio: Chinese

《挑战不可能》每期选择中外8个左右选手,涵盖技能、体能、脑力等多个项目的极致挑战。节目在展示这些选手挑战各种­不可能的任务和故事的同时,重点展现"挑战自我"和"­认识自我"。该节目由撒贝宁主持,董卿,李昌钰,周华健担任嘉宾。《挑战不可能》每期选择中外8个左右选手,涵盖技能、体能、脑力等多个项目的极致挑战。节目在展示这些选手挑战各种­不可能的任务和故事的同时,重点展现"挑战自我"和"­认识自我"。该节目由撒贝宁主持,董卿,李昌钰,周华健担任嘉宾。 Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Each episode has contestants attempt various "impossible" tasks listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In the first episode, they will test their eyesight against that of a young Massai boy from Kenya. In another, they will try to identify a suspect from 30 girls with similar physiques, based on footprints alone.

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