Challenge Tomorrow Ch8

Challenge Tomorrow Ch8 - EP2

The Future Of Work
45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Rapid changes in technology have caused upheaval in the world of work. It creates new industries and jobs that require updated skills. Host, Khairuddin Saharom, finds out how Spain, Japan and Finland prepare citizens for the future world of work, one fraught with uncertainties and opportunities.科技带来了巨大的变化,所引发的职场风暴,让人们不敢掉以轻心。新科技创造了新工作,你是否跟上了改变的步伐?身兼主持与建筑师的Khairuddin Saharom,只身前往西班牙、日本和芬兰,去探知那些国家的掌权者,如何在各个方面,让人民做好面对职场新风貌的准备。前路是否布满荆棘,就看你如何去迎战未来。

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