City Foragers 城市觅食

City Foragers 城市觅食 - EP5

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Where could wild fruits be found in the concrete jungle of Singapore ? Come to Pulau Ubin ! With its relatively untouched natural vegetation, it's not difficult to find wild fruits and vegetables that our forefathers used to enjoy in kampong villages. Also, have you thought of growing fruits in the corridors of public housing ? Is it feasible ? 新加坡是个钢骨水泥的森林,要到哪儿才能找到野瓜野果呢?当然是乌敏岛!据说,乌敏岛是个"超级果园",在哪里可以找到什么野生瓜果呢? 另外,你想不想在组屋门前的走廊栽种果树呢?那就不要错过这一集的《城市觅食》。

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