City Foragers 城市觅食

City Foragers 城市觅食 - EP9

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 04 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

We think we are familiar with the climbers we see everywhere, but have we ever known the mouthfeel of the gorgeous coral vine ? And what about the veld vine, supposedly consumed to alleviate piles in middle-aged men ? Or the skunk vine (ji shi teng), an ingredient of rich cultural significance in Hainanese and Hakka cuisine ? Be amazed by how many varieties of local climbers are actually edible. 爬篱笆、攀墙壁,纠缠大树往上伸,就是大家常见的藤本植物。观赏用的珊瑚藤可以食用,四方藤据说被中年男士用来切块吞服治痔疮,鸡屎藤则是海南与客家人颇具文化意义的食材之一。本地哪些藤本植物其实可以吃?

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