City Of Friends

City Of Friends - EP52

11 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Apr 2015 Audio: English

It's the Summer Festival in the City of Friends and the whole city is involved in the preparations for the evening feat and firework display. Jumpi decides he wants to be a paramedic…..and a policemen….and a firefighter! However, work is halted when the crews get called out on emergencies, plus Jumpi loses a hamper full of muffins and Max loses his rucksack containing fireworks. After a lot of searching and misunderstandings, everything is found in time for the wonderful display. But Jumpi is made to realise that it's not all fun and glamour being a member of the emergency crews and just settles down with Martin and Mia to watch the fireworks. They all agree that the City of Friends is the best place to live -in the whole wide world.

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