Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见

Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见 - EP6

22 Min
Mature Content 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Asher invites Zhiyuan to watch porn and introduces him to a dating app. Angie feels insecure about her dating experience, she probes Joe on his first kiss with her mum, and gets envious of their romance. Oblivious to Xiaoyou’s displeasure, Angie talks nonstop about Asher. To make things worse, she even leaves Xiaoyou behind during a movie after receiving a text message from him. Feeling hurt, Xiaoyou pens down all her unspeakable emotions into numerous letters. Zhiyuan tops the class for an exam, making Xavier ever more determined to cause him misery. Lost and defeated, Zhiyuan tries to seek solace from a dating app. Unable to withstand Angie’s incessant mention of Asher, Xiaoyou finally loses her cool. She chances upon Asher and almost kisses him in a fit of pique. When realizing she cannot do it, Xiaoyou finally understands her feelings towards Asher isn’t real. Relieved, she shares her thoughts with Joe, only to see his darker side revealed… Asher介绍志远看A片,又接着介绍自己在交友程式认识的女生。 安琪对接吻一事感到不安,深怕Asher会看出她没谈过恋爱。她向Joe探问与母亲的初吻状况。Joe形容了浪漫的场景,令安琪期待又羡慕。 安琪向小优诉苦,开口闭口都是Asher,小优大感不耐烦。两人看电影时,安琪更因Asher突如其来的简讯,撇下朋友先行离开,使小优非常受伤。小优难过返家,将说不出的心情写了下来。 志远考到好成绩,引来Xavier红眼,对他的霸凌变本加厉。痛苦不堪的志远不知所措,尝试Asher说的匿名交友程式,意图逃避现实。 安琪假借向小优道歉,又开始抱怨Asher行径。小优忍无可忍,大发脾气。仍在气头上的她巧遇Asher,想赌气吻他,却发现自己做不到,故明白自己对Asher的感情不是真的。松了口气的她将此事告知Joe,没想Joe终于露出真面目…

Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见
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