Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见

Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见 - EP7

20 Mins
Mature Content 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 15 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

After putting himself at risk, Asher finally scores his first kiss with Angie. Zhiyuan gets addicted to dating apps. When he realizes the girl (Kimberly) he has been chatting with is actually a hot babe, he can't help but sink deeper. Asher pulls out all sorts of tricks just to get intimate with Angie, but his plan backfires. Zhiyuan gradually progresses to sexting with Kimberly, his curiosity towards sex increases as result. Xiaoyou is absent from school and becomes uncontactable, puzzling all her friends. Things quickly spirals into a nightmare for Zhiyuan when Xavier finds out that he is posing as a hunk to catfish Kimberly. Humiliated in front of the whole class, Zhiyuan falls into a web of endless misery… Asher以身犯险,大胆告白,终于赢得安琪的初吻。 志远迷上交友程式,约出一名网友Kimberly,却不敢出现。但发现她比想象中还漂亮许多后,志远不禁对匿名交友陷得更深。 Asher频频制造机会,希望和安琪更进一步。可惜安琪根本没那个意思,Asher非但得不到便宜还惹恼了女友,为此苦恼不已。 志远和Kimberly从普通聊天进阶到sexting,开始互传露骨简讯和照片。也因如此,志远开始对性产生更多好奇。 小优失联,不来上课。安琪带着志远登门寻人无果,对小优的行为越发无法谅解。 志远匿名交友一事被Xavier当众揭穿。大家发现志远假冒猛男,寄了不真实的照片欺骗Kimberly,对他更加残忍。Xavier非但在班上同学面前羞辱志远,还命令同党拔掉他的上衣。

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