Come Sing With Me S3 我想和你唱 3

Come Sing With Me S3 我想和你唱 3 - EP11

81 Min

By Channel U Published: 12 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

An interactive music variety show where ordinary people have an opportunity to sing together with celebrity pop singers. First, the celebrity pop singers featured in that episode (there are usually three total) are shown singing one of their well-known songs in the studio. Fans are shown singing along simultaneously in UGC clips showing people singing into their computers or mobile phones from wherever they are. Some are shown singing into their headphones from their offices, etc. 《我想和你唱第三季》除了继续延续前两季“星素同框同台合唱"的核心节目模式,还将星素互动环节进行了升级。该节目嘉宾阵容相比前两季会更年轻化,更多90后、00后喜爱的偶像都会参与进来。节目中新增的CALLOUT环节,邀请的大来宾会亲自电话邀请三位幸运观众,请他们24小时之内赶到录制现场,获得10秒同唱机会。

Come Sing With Me S3 我想和你唱 3
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