Dear DJ

Dear DJ - EP1

24 Mins

By Channel U Published: 29 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

Jiu Yue , a creatively - talented teenage girl , is offered an opportunity to become a contestant on a radio DJ competition . Will she be able to overcome her stage fright and kickstart her dreams of becoming a radio DJ ? Jiu Yue impresses the panelists and is selected as one of the 16 finalists . Her fashionista bestie Samantha brings her for an extreme makeover . Jiu Yue's secret admirer , BK , is caught with his pants down while trying to catch a peeping tom . 《从心发声》DJ大赛揭开序幕!创意天赋十足的九月被电台总监发掘,让她有机会通过试音加入比赛。从小就怯场的她是否能够克服心理最大的恐惧,展开成为电台DJ之旅? 何九月成功入围比赛16强后,Samantha为了让她变得更亮眼帮她改头换面。一直暗恋九月的BK在追逐校园色狼的过程中不小心当着九月和Samantha的面出丑,尴尬不已。

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