Dear DJ

Dear DJ - EP2

24 Mins

By Channel U Published: 05 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

In a bid to prove that BK is in love with Jiu Yue , Samantha playfully sets BK up for potentially disastrous blind dates . BK is hurt by this prank and chances upon the bubbly Xiao Qi , who consoles him . After seeing BK and Xiao Qi together , Jiu Yue realises that she is in love with BK . After listening to his band PBHZ , Xiao Qi invites BK to be her special guest for the second round of the DJ competition . Due to circumstances , Jiu Yue has to turn up without a special guest , casting serious doubt over her chances in the competition . Will she able to defy the odds and impress the judges ? Samantha为了要证明BK喜欢九月,安排他与各种奇怪的对象相亲,搞得无缘无故被整的BK十分受伤。活泼可爱的筱琪看见BK一个人,向前慰问。九月看到筱琪与BK一幕才发觉自己早已喜欢上了BK。筱琪听了BK与林恺的摇滚团体跑吧孩子演奏后邀请BK当比赛中“对话”环节的嘉宾。九月因临时找不到嘉宾而被迫单枪匹马上阵,她会有怎样表现呢?

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