Dear DJ 亲爱的九月

Dear DJ 亲爱的九月 - EP3

12 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 26 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

In a bid to prove that BK is in love with Jiu Yue, Samantha playfully sets BK up for potentially disastrous blind dates. BK is hurt by this prank and chances upon the bubbly Xiao Qi, who consoles him. After seeing BK and Xiao Qi together, Jiu Yue realises that she is in love with BK. Samantha 为了要证明BK喜欢九月,安排他与各种奇怪的对象相亲,搞得无缘无故被整的BK十分受伤。活 泼可爱的筱琪看见BK一个人,向前慰问。九月看到筱琪与BK一幕才发觉自己早已喜欢上了BK。

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