Dear DJ 亲爱的九月

Dear DJ 亲爱的九月 - EP9

14 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

Joyce, Dane and Xiao Qi are unveiled as the top three finalists. Joyce takes the initiative to talk to Samantha while Lin Kai is compelled to face the harsh truth about himself. BPHZ records their demo for Joyce to use in the finals. 九月,林恺与筱琪成功进入决赛。九月想通后主动找Samantha示好、解开彼此的心结。林恺无意中听到对 自己残酷的评论,陷入谷底。跑吧孩子在九月的鼓励下从新集合录制demo,准备让九月能在决赛播。

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