Deluxe-licious 有何贵食

Deluxe-licious 有何贵食 - EP3

47 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 12 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Matsutake, popular among Japanese, is crowned the king of fungi. A stalk of the best grade costs more than USD$100. Why is it so costly ? Why are the Japanese willing to splurge ? What's its taste ? Danny Yeo travels to China and Japan where he searches for Matsutake and the reason for its price.教日本人为之疯狂的松茸,是一种纯天然的珍稀名贵食用菌类,也被誉为"菌中之王"。在日本,一朵甲级松茸可卖100美金以上。究竟松茸为什么那么贵?而日本人为什么可以为了松茸而不惜一掷千金?松茸吃起来,又是怎样的味道?主持人杨君伟飞往中国和日本,寻找松茸的踪迹,以及揭开它身价非凡的原因。

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