Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的!

Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的! - EP9

第九集 Blood Bank 你也可以是魔鬼
9 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

The lead actor usually gets injured in an accident. The hospital is always short of blood of a certain blood type and will urgently request family members to transfuse blood. What is the probability of such a situation in real life ? Has the hospital ever encountered any situation of blood shortage ? 在电视剧里,经常都有主角遇难,偏偏医院缺少某种血型的血液,然后就要求家属紧急输血的桥段。在现实生活中,这样的情况发生的几率高不高?医院真的会遇上不够血的情况吗?

  • Demystifying TV 戏,不是这样拍的!
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    EP9 | 第九集 Blood Bank 你也可以是魔鬼
    9 Mins
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