Descendants Of The Sun (Dual Audio) - EP11

46 Mins
;General Viewing;

By Channel U Published: 17 May 2017 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Jiang Muyan's voice recording of her love for Liu Shizhen was accidentally played out in the army, causing much embarrassment to Jiang. The next day, Jiang Muyan went into a mines field and Liu Shizhen again came to her rescue. On their way back, both confessed their feelings to each other and kissed to their new romance.姜暮研暗恋刘时镇的一段录音意外在兵营被播出,让姜暮研十分尴尬。姜暮研误闯地雷区,刘时镇再次英雄救美。回程中,姜暮研与刘时镇坦诚对彼此的感情,并一吻定情。

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