Die Die Also Must Serve 战备好兄弟

Die Die Also Must Serve 战备好兄弟 - EP1

14 Min
Horror 恐怖画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 18 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Zhong Wei Yu, nicknamed Toro ‘Wei Yu’, is a rookie DJ who is often bullied. She is tasked to host a midnight supernatural show that discusses ghost stories of the army camps. Unfortunately, she met an accident on her way to work. 钟薇予,外号鲔鱼,是一名电台新鲜人,也是一个总被呼来唤去的菜鸟。她被委派代班主持一个深夜的灵异节目,聊聊军中鬼话。可是在赶往上班途中,不幸在大雨中遇到车祸。

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