Doctor Romantic 浪漫医师金师傅 (Dual Sound)

Doctor Romantic 浪漫医师金师傅 (Dual Sound) - EP25

48 Mins

By Channel U Published: 06 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Lianhua was negligent while treating her patient, so Renfan reprimanded her in front of everyone, without consideration for her feelings. Nurse Enzhuo got angry and quarreled with Renfan. When others tried to ease the situation, they accidentally found out that Renfan's ideal partner is Ruizhen and Lianhua's is Dongzhu... 莲花在治疗患者时失误,仁范又再次不顾其自尊心地当众责备她。恩卓护理师见了,十分地生气地挺身而出与他争吵。大家事后为他们缓和开解,意外得知仁范的理想型是瑞贞,莲花的理想型是东柱。。。。。。

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