Doctor Romantic 浪漫医师金师傅 (Dual Sound)

Doctor Romantic 浪漫医师金师傅 (Dual Sound) - EP26

Finale 大结局
47 Mins
;Some Disturbing Scenes;

By Channel U Published: 06 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Dongzhu receives a letter from USA and hides the content from Ruizhen. Ruizhen notices that Dongzhu is unhappy after receiving the lettter. Meanwhile, Dr. Jin's first love gets to know Dr. Jin's whereabouts from a report on artificial heart operation. She looks for Dr. Jin at the Shiyuan Hospital ... 东柱收到了来自美国的信件,然而他却对瑞贞隐瞒信件的内容。瑞贞对于收到信件之后就闷闷不乐的东柱相当在意。另一边厢,金师傅的初恋情人因为人工心脏手术的报道而知道了金师傅的行踪,找上了石垣医院。。。。。

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