Dream of China S10 中国梦想秀 10

Dream of China S10 中国梦想秀 10 - EP1

77 Mins

By Channel U Published: 07 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

This new series follows a "180 days dream seeking journey" of ordinary people striving to achieve their dreams. Zhou Bichang, Zhang Bichen, Huang Wei, Qiao Shan, and Yang Di are the series’ ambassadors who encourage and inspire the participants to persevere and eventually fulfil their dreams.节目以全新姿态开启“180天逐梦之旅”,真实记录每一个平凡人生的梦想征程。周笔畅、张碧晨、黄奕、乔杉、杨迪化身圆梦大使,鼓励激励圆梦人坚持并最终完成梦想。

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