Dream Walkers 梦行者

Dream Walkers 梦行者 - EP4

27 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 10 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

The man who cornered Tang Ning turns out to be her secret admirer, Sam. Di Lun and Xiao Qing question him but realize he is merely jumping on a chance to confess to her. Di Lun feels that the mysterious kidnapper is still around, and might have targeted one of the sleepwalking girls, Jamie. The gang comes up with a plan to lure him out, which actually worked, until the mysterious man makes his escape by holding Tang Ning hostage. 唐凝看到走进女厕的人,赫然是宅男Sam,不禁惊恐大叫。狄伦和晓晴冲了进来,质问Sam是否拐带梦游女生的神秘人,Sam惊慌否认,后来得知Sam只是爱慕唐凝,紧张下跟着进来对唐凝告白,不禁啼笑皆非。狄伦认为神秘人一定在左近,可能已选了其中一名梦游女生Jamie作为目标。于是众人联合引出神秘人。神秘人推倒晓晴,挟持唐凝,一时惊险连连,过后唐凝咬了神秘人的手掌,让他给逃走了

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