Eat Already? S2 吃饱没? 2

Eat Already? S2 吃饱没? 2 - EP9

The Final Goodbye 别忘春风
22 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 21 Apr 2017 Audio: Hokkien

Aunty Soon's condition does not improve. Uncle Soon, Peishi and Kym come to terms with her impending death by deciding to honour her Advance Medical Directive (AMD). Bird King, Ah Niu Sao, Ah Bee and Ah Qiang return to say their last goodbyes to Aunty Soon. A few days later, Uncle Soon’s fellow coffee shop vendors notice his erratic behaviour and warn Peishi about the signs of depression. 顺嫂依然昏迷,无望康复。阿顺、佩诗与 Kym决定尊重顺嫂之前签署的“预先医疗指示”(AMD),让顺嫂有尊严地辞世。鸟王、阿牛嫂、阿米与阿强到场为顺嫂献上最后祝福,希望她一路好走。顺嫂逝世后,咖啡店的摊主察觉到阿顺的行为有异,便警告佩诗,说阿顺应是患上丧偶后的忧郁症。

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