Eat Already? S3 吃饱没?3

Eat Already? S3 吃饱没?3 - EP4

Sabotage 暗箭难防
23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 08 Sep 2017 Audio: Hokkien

Ken, Qi Qi and the Yuans work to clear up the mess in the coffeeshop. Ken is grateful to Qi Qi for working alongside him through the night. Qi Qi reveals why she became a hawker, and enlists Ken’s help to attain her goal. Towkay Wong faces more troubling news about Old Kim Kee. At the same time, Ken and gang realise at their media event that they have been sabotaged. Ah Soon visits the Yuans, and talks Uncle Yuan around to reconsidering his retirement plans.Ken、琪琪以及圆叔圆嫂合力把一片狼藉的咖啡店收拾干净。Ken感激琪琪一整晚陪着他处理一切。琪琪向他透露自己成为小贩的原因,要Ken支持她一起实现目标。头家王面临“老金记”更多恼人的问题。同时,在媒体活动上,Ken和众人发现他们遭到陷害。阿顺拜访圆叔夫妇,并劝说圆叔重新考虑退休计划。

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