Electric Dream

Electric Dream - EP1

44 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 31 Jan 2018 Audio: English

A Singapore start-up charts into improbable territory as it aims to produce state-of-the-art vehicles for an electric future. Follow Vanda Electrics as they navigate the trials and tribulations of building one of the worlds fastest fully-electric hypercars, the Dendrobium. Supported by Williams Advanced Engineering, the Dendrobium makes an international splash with her debut at the Geneva Motor Show. But while the launch is a success, Vanda Electrics is beset with challenges from that point on. Lack of investment, changing regulations and unexpected weather events threaten to derail plans for the super car, as well as the company's other offerings - an electric scooter called the Motochimp and an electric logistics vehicle called the Ant Truck. Can Vanda Electrics overcome these roadblocks and help usher in a clean, zero-emissions future ?

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