En Bloc - Suria

En Bloc - Suria - EP1

46 Mins

By Suria Published: 06 Feb 2018 Audio: Malay

After getting news that a developer is offering their estate to be En Bloc, Jazlan, Ramu, Yusoff and other residents agree to form a Pro Tem Committee. To them it’s an opportunity for them to sell their houses and gain the profit. However, the news is not well received by another group consisting of Haji Hamdan, Haji Taib, Mrs. Tan, Mr. Tan and several other residents. In the midst of forming the committee, David and his family move to the estate. David rents a unit beside Jazlan’s unit. Since David moved, although David seems friendly, Sulastri, Jazlan's wife feels there is something not right with David’s family. Unfamiliar faces keep going in and out of David's house. Until one day, David becomes violent towards his wife. Sulastri tells Jazlan her concern but Jazlan turns a blind eye on her. Will the Pro Tem Committee be formed ? Will Jazlan and his team able to garner interest from the residents ?

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