En Bloc - Suria

En Bloc - Suria - EP2

42 Mins

By Suria Published: 13 Feb 2018 Audio: Malay

Madam Tan is upset when nobody believes her story about a woman screaming / crying she heard one night. Determined, she stayed up late again and managed to hear the same cries. Madam Tan followed the ‘voice’ and it brought her to Yusoff’s unit. Together with another resident, Sulastri, they both threatened to expose Yusoff’s heartless behavior of bashing his wife, Khadijah, if Yusoff does not step down from being the leader of the En Bloc committee. Yusoff is devastated by the accusation, yet he did not say anything to deny nor admit the deed. Yusoff has always been highly respected by the residents of Bahagia Court for his friendly, helpful nature. He is a doting father to his only child, Khyra (6 yrs old) and chose to be a house husband so that his wife, Khadijah, can manage her successful bridal business in peace. Unfortunately, when the troubles in his marriage were exposed, Yusoff became a recluse. His behavior led the residents to believe that he is indeed a wife beater and the image he had been portraying was just a front to fool others. However, Dr Malek’s persistence in reaching out to help him, uncovered a more painful truth for Yusoff to admit. Yusoff was the victim of the physical abuse ! After years of witnessing the abuse and lack of maternal care from Khadijah, Khyra began to get traits of her mother’s violent behavior. One night, Khadijah’s outburst got out of control and landed Yusoff in hospital with serious injury.

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