En Bloc - Suria

En Bloc - Suria - EP4

41 Mins

By Suria Published: 27 Feb 2018 Audio: Malay

Rosli, Shidah and their son, Aaryan, are delighted to finally set up home after 8 years of living with Rosli’s parents. The couple strongly opposed to the en bloc sale. However, things began to change when Rosli started having recurring nightmares about marbles and screeching tyres. Rosli wakes up from his disturbed sleep and hears the marble from the unit above. To ease his mind, Shidah decides to visit the unit above. She and Aaryan ended up being friends with the lonely, deaf - mute old man, Pak Saad. Shidah sympathizes with Pak Saad whose wife and son had died many years ago, for choosing to live alone, surrounded by memories of them. Shidah is sure the marble sounds Rosli heard, did not come from Pak Saad’s unit. The conflict between Rosli and Shidah heightened when Rosli changes his mind and decided to opt for the en bloc sale of their flat. While he was at the En Bloc committee, Rosli met Dr Malek. He unwittingly consulted Dr Malek about his nightmares and the disturbing sounds of marble from Pak Saad’s unit. During his quest to help cure Rosli, Dr Malek managed to unearth one mysterious fact about him; Rosli has no memory at all about his childhood ! While tracing back his childhood, Rosli discovered the shocking truth about a tragedy he witnessed when he was 7 years old. It all happened because of his fascination towards a piece of marble. But what does his dream or the marble have anything to do with Pak Saad ? Why does Rosli still believe the sounds came from Pak Saad’s flat ?

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