En Bloc - Suria

En Bloc - Suria - EP5

46 Mins

By Suria Published: 06 Mar 2018 Audio: Malay

Rudi and Zarina just got married. After returning from honeymoon, Zarina feels there is a change in her husband, Rudi. He is quieter, talks to himself, and does insensible activities. The situation is rather strained between Zarina and his mother - in - law. Her mother - in - law believes that Rudi is being possessed by an evil spirit. But Zarina does not believe it. Zarina still wants her husband to see a doctor. Her mother - in - law rejected it strongly. This made Zarina even more confused and decided to seek for a divorce from Rudi. Will Zarina go on with her decision ? And what is the cause of Rudi behaving strangely ? Yusoff and his friends are increasingly lobbying to get votes from the residents. Despite being challenged by Haji Hamdan, Mr. Tan and other residents, they continue their efforts to meet the people who want to accept their proposals.

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