En Bloc - Suria

En Bloc - Suria - EP6

43 Mins

By Suria Published: 13 Mar 2018 Audio: Malay

Being handsome and single, Arif, a Regional Manager of a travel company often gets the attention of women. Once when entertaining Sazzy, Arif was distracted to see Sheila who wanted to buy a tour package to Spain. This angered Sazzy. She dashed out but had left a note inviting Arif to lunch. At the same time Arif received a message from Sue, his fiancé via WhatsApp. At Arif’s home, Sheila praises the owner, who is young but has a beautiful home. In honesty, Arif said the house was a legacy of his late parent. In the café, Ramu tells Jazlan and Yusoff about Arif bachelor’s life and his habits to bring girlfriends home. Ramu also informs, to succeed The En Bloc Committee needs 10 more signatures and Arif’s expertise to convince the rest who have not joined en bloc.Meanwhile, during shopping, Arif and Sheila was approached by Jason, Sheila's fiancé who accused her of cheating. Arif does not believe it. Feeling guilty, Sheila then apologize to Arif for playing with his hopes.At his home, Arif was visited by the En Bloc Committees who wanted him to serve as a campaign spokesperson. They feel betray when Arif ask them about the women's need for luxurious living. Surprise by Arif's reaction, they went home disappointed.Meantime, during dinner at the restaurant, a handsome man praises Sue's elegance in front of Arif. Sue felt disappointed as Arif did not compliment her. But Arif manages to patch up by asking Sue to take care his home while he is away on duty in Istanbul later.At the Airport, to his disappointment, Arif’s planned holiday vacation with Sazzy did not materialize as she did not turn up as promised. Disappointed, Arif goes home and shock to find his home turned into a disco. At the party he discovers a well execute conspiracy between Sheila, Sue, and Sazzy, including Jason and the handsome man who praised Sue's elegance at the restaurant to teach him a lesson on dignity.

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