Evil Up Close S1

Evil Up Close S1 - EP10

Righteous Slaughter: Derrick Bird
41 Mins
Mature Theme 成人题材;

By Toggle Video Published: 30 Sep 2016 Audio: English

These are extraordinary crimes committed by ordinary people. Meet the neighbor who waves politely, the friend who is the life and soul of a party, the colleague who buys the coffee. All are ready to kill, rape, maim or harm. They live cheek by jowl with us; they look, sound and behave like us - but they are evil and their crimes have shocked the world.This series hears from the people who knew, loved or trusted those hunted for vicious crimes, of those who lived alongside, laughed with or felt the warmth of a monster - the wives and daughters, husbands and sons, the friends, neighbors, detectives and prosecutors who have eye-balled evil in the dock.Unraveling tales of horror - made all the more awful because of their ordinariness. People like Derrick Bird, the English cab driver, father and grandfather who shot his brother and 24 others before turning the weapon on himself. Vlado Taneski, the trusted Macedonian journalist who was accused of committing the very murders which he had made into headline news. Nurse Beveley Allitt, the ward assassin, praised for her quick thinking in a children's ward but was intentionally killing her patients to further her own career. Father Ivan Payne, the trusted priest who abused countless children in his flock for over 30 years.The series will include first hand testimonies and dramatic reconstructions alongside news reports and expert opinion from police, psychologists and criminologists.

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