Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱

Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱 - EP2

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 17 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

What is a prison without bars ? Iwahig Prison in Palawan, Philippines is one of the largest open air prisons in the world, with an area of almost a third of Singapore. Over 2000 prisoners roam free within the compound, and a select few even live in their own homes with their families. “无围墙的监狱”还能称得上是监狱吗?位于菲律宾巴拉望岛的Iwahig监狱,是世界上最大的开放式监狱之一,面积将近新加坡的三分之一。超过两千名囚犯能在监狱范围自由活动,甚至有些和家人住在自己盖的楼房中。

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