Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱

Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱 - EP3

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 24 Aug 2017 Audio: Chinese

Philippine's Cebu Dancing Inmates created a wave of rehabilitation reforms throughout the country's prison system. In this episode, we discover how one provincial jail adopts dancing as a rehabilitation programme. Often congested and afflicted by gang activities, Palawan Provincial Jail is a remand jail, where many will wait for years to get a date in court. The jail management tries to actively engage the prison population in efforts to reduce inmate idleness and improved their morale. 在菲律宾,有一股跳舞热潮在监狱衍生。这一集的《非常监狱》走进菲律宾《巴拉望省监狱》实地了解它们的舞蹈改造计划。这所监狱全是收押等待受审的囚犯,究竟在这个以男性囚犯居多的监狱里,这个舞蹈改造计划会起到什么成效?

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