Extraordinary Prisons

Extraordinary Prisons - EP7

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 21 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Osteroy Prison is located on a lush, 9 hectares island of pine trees and rocky coasts, with views of the ocean that are postcard-worthy. It feels more like a resort than jail. Will it really serve its purpose to turn high profile convicts into responsible and functioning members of society?奥斯泰哈监狱位于挪威西南部,是一座小岛监狱。这里没有高墙、没有围栏,更没有持枪的警卫。这一集的《非常监狱》将探索挪威如何以人性化的制度使囚犯们寻回良知、重新投入社会。

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