Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱

Extraordinary Prisons 非常监狱 - EP8

46 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 28 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

Taiwan's Changhua Prison is not just a correctional facility, but also a centre for traditional Chinese music, arts and crafts which would otherwise be lost from society. Here, inmates are regarded as students who not only get a chance to learn a skill but rehabilitate themselves through art therapy. 在台湾彰化监狱,囚犯被称为“同学”,当局希望透过艺术治疗和熏陶让他们情绪上会有所抒发、心灵上有所寄托。在狱方所成立的儒林工坊,囚犯不仅能够接触并传承传统工艺,他们还可以学一技之长,为出狱后铺路。

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